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Custom Building

A Custom home is something most people plan for and dream about for years.  So, when it is time to build, its important to find a contractor that produces first quality workmanship.  At Richardson Builders we believe in staying on the job site and working closely with each owner to ensure complete satisfaction.
We employ only master craftsmen who take pride in their work an get the job complete with quality and efficiency. We are fully licensed and insured for your protection, and offer warranties on all of our homes.
When the time comes to start the construction of your new home, call on us to make it happen.  We will sit down with you and work out the details from concept to completion with accurate cost estimates.  Let us build your next home the way you have always desired!!

Here is a list of things we can ensure when you choose us to build your custom home with us:

  1. We will help you develop a preliminary plan that will work with your selected homesite to maximize your purchasing power.
  2. We will help you develop a detailed list of the features you desire for your home so that none of your thoughts and ideas are overlooked.
  3. We will give you a starting cost estimate based on the preliminary plan so you may make the decisions necessary to turn your home into a reality.
  4. We will assist you with any loan pre-qualifications.
  5. We will develop the final house plans with highly respected designers and/or architects.  We will be sure your home meets the Covenants and Restrictions and the Building Standards of your chosen homesite.
  6. We will oversee communications between you and the professional contractors who will work on your home so they will understand exactly what you desire.
  7. We will establish a final budget.
  8. We will help you obtain construction and permanent financing, utilizing a variety of lending instructions.
  9. We will provide interior decorating assistance to help you with paint, wallpaper and flooring decisions
  10. The Most important thing we can do for you is give you and your family the home you have always dreamed of.